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Made from torrefied biomass, in pellet form, that has all the positive qualities required to finally help solve our energy and pollution problems.

CNFbiofuel™ is a clean burning product that was once wood, but processed in a unique way that removes virtually all the water and polluting volatile organic compounds before combustion.

The wood is processed in a proprietary manner known as liquid immersion torrefaction that changes the chemistry and structure of the wood. These torrefied wood pellets are a friable material that has a high carbon content that can be used with coal or to replace coal in electric power generation.

Every ton of carbon in CNFbiofuel™ used will keep 3.6 tons of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel out of our air. CNFbiofuel™ torrefied pellets are resistant to water absorption and can be stored indefinitely without decay.

The processing method used to make CNFbiofuel™ is called torrefaction. This is a mild pyrolysis process where a thermochemical reaction occurs in the absence of oxygen. Raw biomass is converted in to a carbon rich fuel that is clean burning.

The final product is torrefied wood pellets. Pelletized biomass is easier for handling and transportation. CNFbiofuel™ is unique in that pelletization is done before torrefaction. This further reduces transportation costs as the biomass can be pelletized near the source.

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